An iMac does not look more than ultra-thin monitors, but its frame has all the computers' hardware and ports. This eliminates the need for a large tower traditional desktop, besides, iMacs will not require a multitude of stars; Can run at least as an iMac power cord. Peripherals such as the mouse and the keyboard can be used with iMac's built-in wireless Bluetooth technology. Similar to its thin architecture, iMac's OS X operating system is designed to keep things simple, whereas while using computers, you get the best performance to optimize resources from iMac hardware.

Mac Mini can be used by anyone who wants to try tastes without spending much; Mac Pro is the leader in performance; it is difficult to choose from Apple iMac, Mac Pro or Mac Mini followed by IMAC. Apple iMac / Mac Pro Desktop do not allow you to move freely, where with Mac Mini you can enjoy some degree of freedom.

An iMac can be an expensive machine, but it comes with a gift that non-Mac computers will not have. I photo is a photo-editing program that gives you one-click photo touch-up tools and also allows you to create photo albums that you can print or share on Facebook. I Movie let you create thematic video collages using videos and photos.

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