The concept of good design, many colour choices in products. In terms of price is a notebook / net book is the cheapest among other branded laptops. Having a good support service. All damage to the laptop under warranty will be repaired completely in a short time.

Excess Apple net book or notebook is the most prominent in terms of prestige and design concepts. Anyone will surely look better to people who use a laptop, especially in Indonesia. Track pad with a large size that ensures comfort when worn. Use Mac OS as the operating system, the so-called user friendly and easy to operate when compared to other OS. High-resolution LCD with a comfortable and easy on the eyes. Keyboard and LCD screen that uses automated lighting method that can adjust / adapt to the circumstances surrounding The all components of the Apple laptop has applied the concept of environmentally friendly products, as they are made from materials that can be recycled so friendly for the environment.

Strong impression when see how it looks with the casing that uses materials Cromonium. For users of Open Source Linux Ubuntu as the OS will be helped because some laptops have installed OS Price of an average laptop affordable.

When you buy a laptop, you want to know that the manufacturer is going to stand behind it and is helping you with technical problems. The laptop market is growing rapidly, and if you are still standing, you will be rolled out to the innovation category, we have to apply or develop new technologies.

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